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Brobot Johnson is a transmedia piece written, starring, directed and composed by Darian Dauchan that exists in three parts, with three different mediums, a Hip Hop album: Brobot Johnson: Bionic Boom Bap, a Sci Fi Web Series: The New Adventures of Brobot Johnson, and finally as a theatrical production: The Brobot Johnson Experience. The story follows the adventures of Brobot Johnson, an android newly invented by a scientist named Professor Toussaint, and his quest to learn the basic fundamentals of how to be a little more human one mundane but miraculous experience at a time. The tone is both whimsical and humorous as the simplicity of the most basic tasks are amplified to epic triumphs and failures, i.e. eating, walking, dancing, smiling, fighting, etc. The music serves as the score for the narrative and each track from the album coincides with an episode from the series. The web series is part silent film(no dialogue), part music video, part performance art with the bulk of the episodes happening on the streets of New York City. The theatrical production is a Hip Hop solo concert that combines and reimagines both the series and the album through multimedia, live looped vocals, lyrics, and beat-boxing, and was produced with the support of the All for One Theater company where Dauchan is the artist in residence , and directed by Andrew Scoville, who was the Associate Director of the hit show Here Lies Love at the Public Theater.
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